The JUST-FOR-FUN Fleet is intended to allow cruisers to just go out and sail for a good cause.  Think of the Just-for-Fun fleet as a "sail for Hospice" with a simple start from the dock.

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The Just-for-Fun fleet is intended to be a STRESS FREE event.  Here are some planned aspects of this fun format:

  • START FROM DOCK - The start for the Just-for-Fun fleet will be directly from the dock. You don't need to worry about memorizing flag sequences or setting your stopwatch.  
  • LATE MORNING START - You can come eat breakfast, watch the serious racers leave the harbor from the comfort of the clubhouse, and then depart from the dock after the basin clears out.
  • NO TIMED COMPONENT - The awards will be independent of the amount of time it takes you to go around the course, so the speed of your vessel will have no bearing on the trophies you may win.
  • EARLY AFTERNOON CRUISE - We'll plan an "informal" course that should take approximately 3-4 hours.
  • NO RATING REQUIRED - There's no need for a PHRF certificate.
  • ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE - Remember, you're sailing for Hospice!

The trophies for the Just-for-Fun fleet will be awarded based on criteria at the sole, and ever changing, discretion of the organizers.  Excessive sponsorship contributions, or lack thereof, may influence your chances of taking home a trophy.

Awards may include, among other things, prizes for:

  • Cook's Trophy - Best food served on your cruise
  • Sailing Promoter Award - For the vessel with the most first-time sailors
  • Traveling Boat Award - For the vessel that traveled the furthest
  • Traveling Crew Award - For the vessel with the crew member that traveled the furthest
  • Best Dressed Crew - Hmmm, this could mean a lot of things
  • Contributor Award - For the vessel that raised the most funds
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