2013 Race Results

The 2013 Tampa Bay Hospice Cup had 63 boats registered.

We'd like to send out a special thanks to:

Morgan Invasion - A Division

1 Towne, J Mack True Blue
2 Barber, David Amanda
3 Shenk, Russell Komus
DNF Gilbert, Robert Primicia
DNC Curtis, Bill Morgan


Morgan Invasion - B Division

1 Kinney, Ron Eclipse
2 Dewitt, Jared Pirate's Lair
3 Fraser, Woody Thunder
4 Williamson, Leon Happy Ending
5 Fouche, Kevin Another Road
6 Russell, George Unplugged
RAF Waller, Philip Long Gone
DNF Boucher, Bryan Mystic


Morgan Invasion - C Division

1 Pickard, Dave O'TAY Too
2 Bosi, Dennis C Challenger
3 Robinson, Robi Sofa King
DNF Reigger, Mickey Mango
DNF Howk, Mick Mysti


Morgan Invasion - Out-Island Division

1 Noble, Mike Nobility
2 Alger, Daniel Misty


Spinnaker A

1 Ruark/German Ed/Dave Mad Cow 2
2 Haynie, George Time Bandit


Spinnaker B

1 Hardy, Kenneth Tenacity
2 Brennan, John Bay Wolf
3 Glaser, Bob Orangutan
4 Cussins, George Fire & Ice
5 Jacobi, Karen Jabberwocky
6 Willis, Larry Boat



1 Grote, Steve See Ya
2 Williams, Bob Freedom



1 Jeff Russo Intrepid



1 Cupps, Art First Wind
2 Abberger, Bob Impulse


Open Multi-Hull

1 Rodgers, OH Catraption


Just-For-Fun Division

Sorted by boat name because, amazingly, the entire fleet was tied for first place.

1 (Tie) Jim Frijouf Angelfire 3
1 (Tie) Bob Crawford Blue Moon
1 (Tie) Mackenzie Clark Breezy
1 (Tie) Robert Griffin Carribean Soul
1 (Tie) Fred Higham City Lights
1 (Tie) Tim Horsman Heron
1 (Tie) Fogartygene Incommunicado
1 (Tie) Reg Karma
1 (Tie) Clay Tanaka La Gaviota
1 (Tie) Alex Korakis Meltemi
1 (Tie) Don Highnote Mon Ami
1 (Tie) Neal Burns No Limit
1 (Tie) Jim Mallory Reflection
1 (Tie) Chris Toro ROCK ON
1 (Tie) T Grimsdale Rocket
1 (Tie) Terry Holcombe Seabreeze
1 (Tie) Anne David Knapp Serenade
1 (Tie) Bill Tait Sinisterre
1 (Tie) Kat and Brian Malone Supernatural Fishslapper
1 (Tie) Allen Wasson Tatiana
1 (Tie) Tom Dunn Teaze
1 (Tie) Ray Dohle Tentigo
1 (Tie) Calvin Reed Vesper
1 (Tie) Geoffrey Stephens White Hart
1 (Tie) Daphne Ullman wt flyer
1 (Tie) Robert And Dj Schmehk YouBeU